Murder Mystery tickets and tshirts!

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater TSHIRTS: MURDER ON THE HIGH SEAS! Its for student missions!  Buy your murder on the high seas tshirts. Buy your tshirts here!   Murder Mystery General Admission $12.00 USDStudents, youth, children $8.00 USDStudents,etc with tshirt $20.00 USDtshirt $12.00 USD tshirt size, if applicable SmallMediumLargeX-LargeXX-Large

Faithful He Is

Hey beautiful people. So, I started writing this blog post June 12th and never finished it… but I still want to share my thoughts with yall! Enjoy 🙂   “Hey y’all! For those of you who don’t know, i’m working at a camp in New Mexico called Glorieta! Through SendMeNow and the Lord’s goodness, I […]

Worth the Waite

God always has a way of amazing me. Always- especially this summer. The end of school/start of summer made me very uneasy just because I knew that I was no longer going to be around my friends and BCM family for a couple of months. Everyone goes their separate ways- family time, vacation, mission trips- […]

Finding Our Joy…

John Piper in his book, “When I don’t Desire God…how to fight for joy, says that we are to fight to know and to take joy in the person of Jesus himself. This should not be a struggle per se. “The fight for joy is the struggle to trust God with the burdens of life.” […]


Hey pals! 🙂 Hope yall are having a great summer and that the Lord is working so much in each of your lives. The Lord has been working in my life so much over the last couple of weeks and it is such a beautiful thing. He has really been tugging on my heart with […]

Look Beyond the Mask

Last week I served as Camp Missionary at a Baptist Girls Camp in North Georgia.  Each night after the girls had gone to their cabin, part of the camp staff (all college students) met for a Q & A with the 2 missionaries.  One of the questions I was asked was what advice would I […]


This past week, I went to IMPACT camp sponsored by the Georgia Baptist Convention for youth! As one of the Team Leaders, who led discussion after the Bible study, it was such a blessing to see the depth of the discussion after Bible study. It was such an inspiration to see the students faith grow […]

You were made for more!

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” You were made by God and are called to be His child, to be a part of His family, to grow up in Him, and together with His church, to make a difference because of […]

A word from Dr. Jerry

For years I have benefited from this little article from the Navigators.  If you don’t have any time for a Quiet Time each day, you can at least find 7 minutes! “Most Christians will tell you that they firmly believe in the importance of spending regular time in God’s Word and in prayer each day. […]