About BCM

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) has been at Georgia Southern University since 1946, but it is more alive today than ever before! While the changing culture and communication methods may alter our plans, our mission remains the same: to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people of all walks of life, and in particular, to students of all ages at GS.

Our weekly schedule looks something like this:

  • Our large group worship, PrimeTime, is 8pm on Tuesdays.
  • On Wednesday we have lunch at 11:30 and again at 12:30 (our Local Churches are incredible and they bring lunch for you each week! Your 1st luncheon is FREE, then just $3–and that goes back into student missions!).
  • Plus, we have Bible Studies and Family Groups at various times and places throughout the week.

Our Missions and Ministries teams are active locally in church ministry, missions at local community events, nursing homes, helping with the boys/girls’ clubs, help with local youth groups (you MUST fill out a “child protection” form in the BCM office a minimum of 3 weeks in advance in order to participate in events involving kids under 18), and a variety of ever-changing local missions opportunities.

What’s next? Where do you find your place as a college student? You are on your own and seriously thinking about the person you will become. You are bombarded by all sorts of conflicting opinions, ideas, and philosophies about how you should live your life. NOW is the time to make choices that will set patterns for a lifetime. Decide who you will be and how that will influence your future, finances, friendships, and faith.
Studies show that students who study their Bible four or more days per week are the ones whose lives are truly transformed. Develop personal discipline and discipleship during this time of your life!

Use your experiences and talents to lead at Georgia Southern. Be part of a fun group of students eager to make a difference in other people’s lives! We have 25 ministry teams ranging from DNow groups to Fellowship to local missions. Please, let me encourage you, find your place of service and growth. You will never have a better time for learning and making a difference in your world than now.

Don’t wait. Come on in and be a part of the family! We will love you just like you are and help you become more than you ever imagined! But you might just have to take some initiative. It’s worth it! After all, one of the basic and yet hard to get truths of the gospel is that it is not dependent on you alone!

We look forward to you joining our BCM family!

Chris Bryan
Senior Campus Minister